My research agenda can be broadly interpreted as falling within the fields of political economy, law and economics, and development economics. The tools I use in my work are those of applied microeconomics, with a strong quantitative emphasis but also appreciative of qualitative evidence, and of agent based modeling.

The primary focus of my research is on the economics of illicit behaviors, and specifically on the topics of exchange institutions in the Internet black market and the causes and consequences of terrorism. In the tradition of Virginia Political Economy, my work focuses on individual behavior and institutions in non-market settings. The political economy of regulation, international conflict, and the family are my main topics of interest.  What drives my passion for economics is the further understanding of the necessary conditions of human flourishing. 

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Academic Publications 

Julia R. Norgaard and R. August Hardy. 2015. “Reputation in the Internet black market;  an empirical and theoretical analysis of the Deep Web.”  Journal of Institutional Economics.

Other Publications

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Modeling the Propensity to Default on Microfinance Loans in Mali, Africa.” Journal of George Mason Graduate Research. Volume 3, Issue 2. 

Working Papers

Julia R. Norgaard, Harold Walbert, and R. August Hardy. 2016. “Shadow Markets and Hierarchies:  Comparing and Modeling Networks in the Dark Net.” – Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Institutional Economics  

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “The Political Economy of the Peace Corps.” – Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Private Enterprise  

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Trust Development and Self-Enforcing Exchange in Anonymous Internet Markets.” – Under Review  

Harold Walbert, James L. Caton and Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Countries as Agents in a Global-Scale Computational Model.” – Under Review

R. August Hardy, Julia Norgaard, and Eric Zuehsow. 2015. “Licensing and Regulation Impacts on Post-Disaster Recovery.” – Under Review

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Homelessness in the District of Columbia:  From an Entangled Political Economy Perspective.” – Under Review

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Terrorism and Economic Freedom.”

Lemke, Jayme S. and Julia Norgaard. 2016. “Club Women and the Provision of Local Public Goods.

Julia R. Norgaard. 2016. “Black Market Exchange Rates as a Proxy for Inflation.” 

Julia R. Norgaard, Ryan Safner, and Vlad Tarko. 2015. “A Structural Analysis of Regulatory Capitalism.”

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